[December 2017] Basketball players choose playing rec over Wreckers

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Teddy Dienst ’20

Staples boys’ recreational basketball tips off on Jan. 2, and some of the Staples basketball players have quit in order to play.

Six students who played for last year’s freshman team attended tryouts for this season, while the rest decided to play recreational basketball (rec).

One player who opted to play rec was Adam Petro ’20. “I did enjoy playing for the Staples team, however, rec seemed to have a high level of intensity and competitiveness while including the aspect of having fun,” Petro said.

Petro is not the only Staples basketball player to quit for rec. “It was hard to play for the Staples team while already playing sports in the fall and spring,” Lars Djuve ’20 said. “It is way easier to get school work done when you are only playing once a week.”

Brett Feinstein ’19 is an experienced basketball player who has played rec since elementary school.

“Rec is compelling to play because of the fun it brings to the basketball court,” Feinstein said. “You aren’t pressured to do anything, it simply allows players to be players.”

Another experienced basketball player, Brett Levy ’20, is excited for the season to start and has also been playing rec for multiple years.

“Since rec consists of experienced and not so experienced players, it makes the atmosphere of the league way more enjoyable,” Levy said. “It gives kids who usually don’t play in that many basketball games the opportunity to compete and win.”

Players are looking forward to seeing how the 2017-2018 rec season goes and which top teams could potentially win the championship.

Former commissioner Russell Lev recognized the enthusiasm students hold for rec basketball. “Throughout the years that I have been the commissioner,” he said, “the players always look forward to the season and bring the same level of competitiveness every year.”

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