[April 2017] What no one told me about senior year


By: Margot Mather ’17

Senior year is the culmination of four long years of hard work, and as my time at Staples comes to a close, I’m already feeling nostalgic. Although it’s a time filled with crazy stress levels surrounding striving for stellar grades and submitting college applications, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences. Looking back, there are some things I wish I knew ahead of time— some things that I’ve realized are what make senior year so unique.

Social barriers crumble
Senior year is a time to break free from a strict friend group and get to know people you wouldn’t normally talk to. Some of my favorite memories of this year were spent with people I would never have pictured myself hanging out with outside of school. Seniors often realize there is no need for their singular clique to be the only people they associate with. There isn’t time for drama, cliques or exclusion. Everyone’s too busy making the most out of senior year.

You will peak during spirit week
You have come to love and appreciate your school more than ever. No one is going to judge you for showing up to Friday night lights in head to toe blue and white and screaming the Staples cheers at the top of your lungs. You’ll drop more money than you’d like to admit at Party City because you just can’t go through USA Day without that headband with flag antennas. This all culminates with the true peak of everyone’s senior year: motorcade. Nothing says “spirit” quite like squishing as many people as possible, albeit illegally, into a Jeep Wrangler with music blasting and bodies flailing out of every possible door and window. You’ll look back on these pictures and videos months later and cry.

Other students’ college process really doesn’t concern you
The college process is all the talk senior year. Who applied where? Are they qualified? Who are they competing against? Why were they rejected? While it is really difficult to look past all this information that consumes the anxiety-ridden seniors, it really is none of your business. Worry about yourself. It isn’t your job to keep track of where everyone applied, and it certainly isn’t healthy to constantly be digging in other people’s business. The college process is very personal, and it’s important to focus on your journey through this process without the added stress of worrying about others.