[April 2017] “Urine” luck: Staples Players’ production exceeds expectations


By: Katelyn DeAgro ’17

As the lights dimmed and the narrating voice of Officer Lockstock came booming through the speakers, the outside world melted away and the fictional world of Urinetown, a captivating one filled with corrupt business and a colluding government, unfolded.
“Urinetown” premiered on March 17 and ran through March 24. The musical is a satire about a society where two characters on opposite ends of the wealth gap, Bobby Strong (played by Remy Laifer ’17 and Charlie Zuckeran ’18) and Hope Cladwell (played by Zoe Mezoff ’17 and Zoe Samuels ’17) face a 20-year water shortage.
The whole cast did an excellent job of transforming the stage into a world under threat of Urinetown. Georgia Wright ’18, the actress who played Little Sally on the night this reporter attended, deserves recognition for her depiction of the character. Leaf’s blunt portrayal of Officer Lockstock, the narraor, played well against Wright’s questioning disposition. Their dynamic added humor that might otherwise have been lacking.
“Playing Lockstock has been an opportunity for me to really have fun acting,” Leaf said. “Being able to relax for parts of the show offstage and just watch everyone else really knock it out of the park was a blast, as well.”
Mezoff was exceptional in portraying Hope Cladwell, a charmingly naive character who ultimately becomes a missguided revolutionary.
“She becomes a satirical figurehead for those that demand freedom at any cost,” Leaf said. “In the end, despite her intentions, she is wrong and actually a sort of villain.”
Director David Roth said the Staples Players’ hope that the shows’ satirical depiction of a corrupt government will increase contemplation and action for “worldwide ecology and how we treat each other.” With its dry humor and literalism, they were able to draw the audience into a destitute fictional world that one hopes will never become a reality.
Staples Players’ took steps to promote ecology by following in the footsteps of the Broadway tradition of collecting donations for worthy causes. The cast collected donations for water.org, a safe water and sanitation charity, during intermission and outside the bathrooms near the theater entrance.
This final product was professional, authentic and compassionate. The passion and attention to detail demonstrated by the Players not only made the show a must see, but also a must see again.