[April 2017] Girls’ Golf tees up for another successful season

[April 2017] Girls Golf tees up for another successful season

By: Olivia Ronca ’18

Head coach Patty Kondub stands at the front of the classroom, looks out at the 20 girls currently signed up for tryouts and knows this could be yet another successful season for girls’ golf.
Hesitant, yet excited, freshmen sit a few rows from the back, while returning players, including junior varsity captain Jessie Duranko ’18 and varsity captains Olivia Wood ’17 and Alex McMahon ’17, sit front and center. They are ready to begin the first meeting of what they hope to be another FCIAC winning season.
As the meeting begins, Kondub makes two statements that she believes will lead this team to success: “working hard becomes a tradition” and “winning becomes a tradition.”
One tradition girls’ golf is hoping to start is winning the FCIAC championship, just as they did last year.
“Last year was a record year for the Staples girls’ golf team. The varsity team took first place in our division and again at FCIACS,” returning varsity player Sophie Carozza ’18 said.
But while their hopes and spirits are high in starting the season, practicing may have to wait a bit due to below freezing temperatures and snow from recent winter storm Stella. According to Kondub, the team will “not be hitting too many golf balls” at this point in time.
2017’s harsh winter weather will not be the only difficulty girls’ golf will face this season. The loss of last year’s graduating class was a big one.
According to Carozza, Annelise Brown was their “star player.” “Losing Annelise, who played first position last year, is definitely a big loss,” Wood added.
But the girls are certainly not dwelling on the past, as they prepare for their weeks filled with at least four practices and exciting new golf tournaments. The girls will be pining for another FCIAC trophy, and the seniors hope to end their last year with Staples golf on a high note.
“I would love to win FCIACs again this year and make it back to states,” Wood said. “I’m just hoping to finish up my four years on the team with another great season.”