[Oct. 2016 Sports] Kirby aims towards a dominant future in field hockey

By Isabella Didio ’18


Just a week after beginning her freshman year at Staples, Kyle Kirby ’20 started in Staples varsity field hockey’s first game and led the team with two goals scored.

Kirby, who began playing field hockey for Westport PAL in fifth grade, didn’t always enjoy playing. “My back always used to hurt. I had never played, so I wasn’t used to bending down and squatting a lot, and so after every practice, my back would be so sore,” Kirby said with a laugh.

Eventually as the season went on, Kirby became used to the physical strain of playing field hockey and now, “I don’t even notice it,” she said.  

Outside of school, Kirby plays for a club field hockey team called FC United. Kirby also plays club lacrosse for the Connecticut Grizzlies and hopes to play for Staples lacrosse in the spring.

Although she played for Westport during her elementary and middle school years, Kirby only went to Westport schools until second grade, then attended Ridgefield Academy up until this year. The transition from a private school to Staples has been pretty easy for her, thanks to her older teammates. “They were especially welcoming, and they made sure that my first day of school was good. It was a really easy transition,” Kirby said.

On the field, it was Kirby’s hard work and determination that led her to claim a starting spot for the Staples varsity team. According to junior captain Christine Taylor ’18, “Kyle has a drive in her which is hard to come by. She always pushes herself to do more and it is evident on the field.”

Kirby’s dedication to field hockey is apparent to her coach as well.  “Kyle is an aggressive, incredibly motivated player who brings passion and energy to every game and practice,” Ian Tapsall, the Staples field hockey coach, said.

Even though she is only a freshman, Kirby has started thinking about colleges. “Since I can remember, I have always wanted to go to Notre Dame,” Kirby said. She says she is certain in her desire to play either field hockey or lacrosse in college. “Notre Dame only has lacrosse, but either one I would love to play in college,” she said.

Kirby’s dedication for both lacrosse and field hockey are evident, but what drives Kirby to perform at such a high level is her belief in herself and her teammates. “I believe you can achieve as much as you want to achieve,” Kirby said, “because you shouldn’t ever let anything hold you back.”