Entertainment urges unity


Theresa Vandis '22

On Ellen’s Channel she opens up about quarantine while adding humor to the whole situation. She reassures people that everything is going to be okay.

Theresa Vandis '22, Assistant Business Director

Restaurants, boutiques and even live shows are closed all across the nation. With almost nowhere to go but your own backyard, it is hard to keep busy during this COVID-19 pandemic. Talk-variety show figures Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinski have changed their narratives to be more uplifting throughout their shows, in light of the current pandemic.

DeGeneres continues to deliver humor on her Youtube channel, but instills new positivity to look on the bright side of a dark situation. On DeGeneres’ channel, she has used her new location to inspire others to stay home, while still bringing people content to watch during the day. In her videos, she posts interviews with stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen, Courtney Cox and Jennifer Anniston, proving that the show must go on.

DeGeneres’ caring humor radiates from her living room despite the fact that she is unable to leave her home. She puts on a brave face for all 37.3 million subscribers, knowing that her actions set an example to the nation. She includes the fact that her assistant, Average Andy, is roaming around just outside her house, keeping the six-foot distance.

Jimmy Fallon has also put his platform on Youtube to good use as he continues to do interviews from his own home. From interviews with Kim Kardashian to Kerry Washington, Fallon’s ability to bring people together to laugh and talk is prominent.

Fallon’s “Tonight Show: At Home Edition” includes the #MyQuarantineSuperPower, inspiring others to turn the crisis into a positive reason to spend time with family. He incorporates his daughters into the show to emphasize the need to stay close to one another during a virus that is trying to tear us apart. In the comments section, it is evident that many agree that his show is better when he is at home with his kids.

This trying time has even inspired other public figures to start shows including John Krasinski with his new Youtube channel, “Some Good News.” In one of his videos, he makes a young girl’s day by inviting the cast of Hamilton to sing to her, after she missed the Broadway performance due to COVID-19. The girl’s smile reflects on Krasinski’s genuine goal of helping people during this pandemic and he does this through positivity and humor. His cover photo of him sitting at his desk with his feet up shows that the norm for TV show hosts has changed, and that is okay. He wants people to view him as a person and not just an actor through a screen.

DeGeneres, Fallon and Krasinski have used their comedic backgrounds and platforms to not only bring people entertainment but to spread a more necessary message of unity and strength nationwide.