Classes should complete tests before long breaks


Photo by Elle Fair '19

A Staples student takes a test.

Elle Fair '19

After a winter holiday break largely comprised of eating, excessive sleeping and endless movie-watching, students do not come back necessarily in the studious mindset that school requires. So, before students and teachers leave for long breaks, all work for the unit that is currently in progress should be completed. If units closed before a break, students will be more successful when taking their end-of-unit tests and can fully embrace the Staples’ previously established work-free-break policy.

According to Chicago Tribune, if tests and finals are given before a break, students will actually be more motivated to study for them since they are already in the school mindset. As well as the fact that if tests are given before break, the material is fresh in the students’ minds.

In an article written by Schoolyard, spending every day studying and dealing with high stress scenarios is not healthy. The Huffington Post interviewed psychotherapist, Susan Stiffelman who said students must give their bodies the means to cope with stress, which includes down time. She said that down time can help to actually process and digest stress which ultimately helps to control it. Vacation provides that necessary down time.

Giving tests before break is similarly advantageous for teachers. Teachers are able to take time to get grading done over break and can also spread work out so they are not overwhelmed with numerous tests and papers to assess.

When break ends and school commences again, the work from before break will be done, and teachers will be free to start a brand new unit. It ensures a fresh start, which both the teachers and students need.

Taking a few days to let your mental batteries recharge is beneficial. Students should take the time over break to do what kids love: sleep, eat, watch Netflix. Believe it or not, these activities, rather than cramming in homework and studying for tests, help students succeed in the long run. So even if the unit tests seem to approach fast, it is healthier to get it done before the long break so students can use the vacation to destress, and sit back.