Standardized essays prove inaccurate, unnecessary

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Standardized essays prove inaccurate, unnecessary

Eddie Kiev '20, Web News Editor

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By Eddie Kiev ’20


As you prepare to take the SAT or ACT, you will inevitably encounter the optional essay. You knew about the dreaded multiple choice sections, but the essay? You ponder whether or not to take it.

Students have encountered frequent problems with essay scores not aligning with multiple choice scores, and grading has been found to be exceedingly inaccurate.

According to the Prep Scholar Blog, essay graders have to grade pre-graded essays, and if the grade that they give is not within one point of the pre-graded essay, they have to be “retrained.” This causes graders to frequently give mid-range scores to avoid scrutiny, and this his is unfair..

For years, colleges have required the SAT and ACT writing sections. As of late, the section has become obsolete, yet students still take it. According to the Princeton Review, only 17 colleges currently require the writing section.  

Not only do colleges disregard the essay section, but the section is also notorious for the late release of scores. According to the ACT website, writing scores typically come out two weeks after multiple-choice scores. However, multiple choice scores can take up to eight weeks after the test date. That means that some students have to wait up to 10 weeks for their complete test scores. That is a long time to wait for students to have scores for submission to colleges.

Because of the lack of alignment with multiple choice scores and the long wait for scores to be reported, I didn’t—and you shouldn’t—take the SAT or ACT writing section.


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