Westport’s retail stores need saving

Westport’s retail stores need saving

By Abby Fleming ’20


As more and more retail stores in Westport close their doors, the once bustling downtown shopping scene begins to meet its end. Like many of the towns and cities of the world, Westport has fallen victim to an age of online shopping and unmotivated consumers. While online shopping has its advantages, nothing can beat the benefits of keeping Westport’s stores open.


In the past two year alone, countless stores have planned to close all over Westport. A few of these include Nike, Allen Edmond, Diptyque and Steve Alan; all of which sold popular products. Nike alone is the world’s largest supplier of shoes and athletic apparel, and yet it’s store in Westport closed.


Going into these retail stores as opposed to buying their products online can help more than just the company– it helps the whole community. People from all walks of life can find jobs in these stores at a cash register, or perhaps as a salesperson. Around 4.3 million Americans work in retail as a salesperson, it’s one of the most common jobs. Shopping online cuts them out of the picture, leaving them unemployed and without a commission. As members of this community, it would be beneficial to everyone to keep these people in their jobs by shopping at the stores to keep them open.


These salespeople are also the ones that will assist customers in finding what they want. Many people settle for unsatisfactory customer service online in exchange the convenience of ordering a pair of shoes from their couch. However, in person, you get to see the product and feel it. With the help of a salesperson and your personal preferences, you can get exactly what you want right then and there.

Everyone has ordered something online, and found themselves epically disappointed upon delivery. It has the potential to result in an outrageously expensive situation. You would have to return the product, pay for shipping again, reorder the product in the desired size or color and pay for additional shipping. It’s an irritating cycle that is way more trouble than it’s worth. Nothing beats going into a store and seeing the product firsthand.


Saving Westport’s retail stores won’t be hard, and the benefits are immeasurable. These stores provide jobs to those in our community and save people the hassle of online shopping. They’re worth keeping and definitely worth fighting for.


Picture from WestportNow by Dave Matlow