Us humans are a little crazy: It’s about time

Us humans are a little crazy: It’s about time

Imagine having no concept of waking up on time. No need to press snooze every time the glaring sound of your default alarm turns on. There would be no productivity.

It seems real. It seems like it’s always moving forward. It’s what I plan my day around. It has order, one thing after another. It’s how I function from day to day life. This thing is time. It’s what controls where I am every minute of the day. Time is what gives direction. But time also is what makes me crazy. I sit here imagining, what would life be like without time?
Time exists because we all agreed to it. Seconds, hours and days. However, it is time as a society we all realize this human perception and consciousness.

Remember when you were sitting in class earlier today and said to your friend, “That period was so short.” Hey, guess what buddy? Every minute and every second is the same. So no that period wasn’t short, but your human perception made it seem that way.
When we are not doing anything, we spend more time thinking: When will this be over? The reason for this is that we have less distractions, nothing to keep you busy and more focus on passing time. We want this extended time of discomfort to stop.
However, when we are with our friends, dancing to music or playing our favorite sport, we are less focused on the passing time and more focused on the present moment. More focused on the immense fun and engagement.

Our body clocks as humans are made up of three different time frames: Past, present and future. It is breathtaking that the person you are at this very moment is present, however in 30 seconds, it is in the past.

With the yearly daylight savings, I have come to believe that time is a foolish concept. Inevitably, after these time changes, our internal clocks are distorted. After this change, more car accidents are prone and more health risks are put in place. Daylight Savings isn’t what is allowing more or less daylight. With or without it, the daylight is still going to stay lighter earlier or later. Time is just what measures it.

Daylight savings is unnecessary. Why waste our time switching the clocks twice a year, to only realize that studies show that it provides almost no positive impacts to us? Daylight savings was established during World War 2 as a way to save energy, as they believed if there was more sunlight during the day, less people would utilize immense amounts of energy. However that is not true. This tactic was invented by human construction and is unnatural. In the 1970s there was a study shown of 1 percent decrease in energy use during Daylight Savings (Lopatto).

I just don’t see any purpose in such a hassle that provides such minimal positive impacts. Why risk the lives of innocent people getting in car accidents and cause such major health problems with such a pointless human I REPEAT HUMAN invention? Where is the logic behind that? There’s 24 hours in a day and that’s all I care about.
Here I go again, time is permanent and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, especially those who are still trying to adjust to this time change.

Graphic by Ali Green ’20