We need couches


By: Eliza Goldberg ’17 Creative Director

I, like most high school students, am plagued with a perpetual feeling of exhaustion every time I step foot into the Staples High School building. Over the years I have been known to attempt different ways to take a coveted nap in school; unfortunately, none of which have been as successful as napping on a couch would be.

As students, we are forced to sit in hard-as-rock chairs from 7:30 am to 2:15 pm. Just as we need mental breaks, we need physical breaks too. Providing somewhere to sprawl out would improve students’ days tenfold, compared to the options we currently have.

When I’m feeling particularly sleepy, I will rest my heavy head on the germ-filled, tiny desk and attempt to take a little snooze.

Unfortunately, this method strains my back enough to send me to physical therapy and requires some sort of sweatshirt to act as an interim pillow. A sweatshirt-pillow is literally the worst thing in the world. It is neither squishy like a pillow nor as consistent in thickness. If there were a couch I could utilize, my back would be on cloud nine and there would be no need for me to take the clothes off my back in order to rest my head.

When the time allows and I really need to relax, I utilize the fact that I am known as a “frequent napper” in the nurse’s office and head over to the cleanest room in Staples to take a cat nap.

Unfortunately, this scenario is not perfect. The beds in the nurse’s office are stiff as boards, and do not come with a pillow. Additionally, there are actual sick people taking up my coveted nap space who I guess need the bed almost as much as I do. A couch would instantly solve all my comfort woes, and there would be plenty of space to go around. There is ample room on the bridge and at the end of the hallways for some new pieces of furniture.

Lastly, when I am truly desperate and in need of a comfortable location to relax and do homework, I take to the floor. I have sat on the floor, leaning on my backpack, until my entire body is numb. This method is fine for a short amount of time, but eventually the germs and discomfort become too much and force me to stand up. Imagine how comfortable doing homework on a couch would be!

I understand the administration has bigger fish to fry, but I’m sure this extremely important change would be welcomed with open arms by students and teachers alike.