College logowear dominates Staples hallway fashion

Quinn Hughes, Breaking News Managing Editor

Sadly, I admit I am part of the majority of students that wears college logo wear frequently. And, yes, maybe I’ll even concede that I wear it too much. But the truth is I eat, sleep and breathe college gear, and I love it too much to give it up.

There are reasons upon reasons for why college logo wear is my attire of choice, and despite the constant mocking, I have no shame for wearing it.

For starters, whenever I visit a college campus, I’m a sucker for gift shops. Who doesn’t want to make an impulse purchase and drop 50 bucks on overpriced T-shirts? It’s a great way to commemorate a fun day trip to a university. Also, nationally, college logo wear is a multi-billion dollar business. According to an article from ESPN, on average the American college logo wear industry rakes in about $4.6 billion annually.

A lot of years removed from the game I can’t imagine they are better now. Time and money is invested into college logo wear to make it look appealing for purchase, and I’ve completely bought into it. Fun patterns, vibrant colors and well designed logos make it virtually impossible to resist. Logo wear is also just so simple.

In a very fashion conscious town like Westport it can actually be difficult to find something socially acceptable to wear to school, and logo wear is always there for me when I need it. Whether I’m rocking an Arkansas T-shirt, North Carolina baseball cap or pair of Boston University shorts, logo wear always serves as an alternative to getting a wedgie or being stuffed in a locker.

College logo wear is simultaneously that guilty pleasure you can’t ever stop loving and that trusty friend you always seem to fall back to when you need help. I expect that for a long time my dresser drawers will be filled with powder blue, crimson red and burnt orange.