Loving class outside


Alexa DiLuca, staff writer

After spending 25 minutes in a stuffy, overheated classroom, my legs had already begun to stick to the chair. I was more than halfway through the period, but all I could think about was how much I wished my clothes weren’t clinging to my sweaty limbs.


“Class, we are going to go outside for a demonstration,” my teacher said.


My eyes lit up as I heard this. I could finally escape these four walls that were entrapping so much unnecessary warmth!


I’m not the only one who enjoys having class outside. Many students jump at the chance to have class outside because there are so many benefits.


According to Health, Well-Being and Open Space Literature Review by Nina Morris, spending time outside is supposed to increase one’s personal and social communication skills, physical health, enhance mental and spiritual health, increase sensory and aesthetic awareness and improve awareness to one’s well-being.


In my opinion, the best part about having class outside is that it relieves stress.


As Morris pointed out in her research, outdoor scenery has an aesthetic, calming appeal. “Many people associate the countryside with positive feelings of peace and quiet, relaxation, tranquillity and a sense of getting away from it all,” she said.


While I am all for having class outside, there are still a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure a stress free class period.


The first one may not seem that obvious, but it can happen very easily.


According to WBSM.com, it can take as fast as 15 minutes to get sunburn. So bring sunscreen just in case. Burns are no fun!


Something else to remember is that sitting in the shade can get very cold. I learned this when I left my jacket inside. Learn from my mistake and always bring an extra layer!


As long as I’m prepared with these two things, I’ve got nothing to worry about. I can enjoy being outside, de-stress and learn all at the same time. Imagine that!