Pizza places compete for the best Staples ranking

Grant Sirlin, Staff Writer

As an after-school snack or early evening meal, pizza is an unavoidable part of the high school experience. Its versatility suits high school life perfectly, providing hungry students with food at any time of the day. Since there are so many options for pizza, it’s important to know the nuances of each pie when deciding where to go. Here are the top five pizza places in the area:

#5 Angelina’s traditional pizza and casual dining are perfect for students looking for a quick meal. Their $9.95 chicken parmesan is delicious and affordable, while their other Italian dishes give a variety of worthwhile options besides pizza. In terms of their pizza, it’s a cheese-lover’s paradise. A soft crust and lack of sauce give way to a cheese-oriented pie. With brown wooden booths that comfortably seat six, Angelina’s is the definition of a family-style Italian restaurant.

#4 Westport Pizzeria’s on-the-go style gives students a quick and easy option for pizza. It’s a common hotspot for hungry downtown shoppers and library users, and upholds its status as a longtime Westport favorite. Their extra-cheesy pizza is guaranteed to have at least one big air pocket per pie (always eye-catching and delicious). Walking in, the seating arrangement is dominated by stools lining the counter and surrounding a few tables near the door. Notable for quick delivery and an authentic “pizzeria” feel, you can always count on Westport Pizzeria for quality pizza.

#3 Jordan’s pizza is an underrated gem. Located right next to Shake Shack, Jordan’s was rated Best Pizza in Connecticut and has earned numerous awards locally from 2010-2013, according to Jordan’s square-cut, sauce-heavy style is something that any pizza-lover will enjoy. This Post Road pizzeria features an enticing veggie lovers pizza with the ideal balance of vegetables and pizza, and with its $8.25 10-inch cheese pizza, high schoolers  have an affordable and delicious meal.

#2 Julian’s pizza is situated in a blooming area of Westport and neighbors Saugatuck Sweets, Rizzuto’s and Down Under. Although you can find pizza right across the street at Rizzuto’s, Julian’s vintage brick-oven style beats everything in the vicinity. According to the Boston Globe, it’s one of the top 10 pizzas in New England. Besides pizza, you can find an assortment of paninis, hot grinders and desserts. If you’re looking for a good sit-down restaurant with pizza charred to perfection, this is the place for you.

#1 Colony Grill’s delicious recipe for thin crust pizza makes it a student favorite. Ranked one of the top 50 pizzas in the nation worth traveling for, Colony Grill truly gives you the full experience. Signature hot oil pizza is their claim to fame, but the rest of the pizza-filled menu is just as appealing.  Its light pizza contains the perfect balance between sauce and cheese, and is complemented by a crispy crust. Colony’s lively atmosphere also makes it unique. From their walls lined with vintage photos of police commanders to their contemporary sports bar, Colony’s decor appeals to a wide range of people. Although it’s located on Post Road in Fairfield, Westporters should make the trip for an ultimate pizza experience.