Fallon doesn’t leave me laughing


Jennifer Lupoff, Staff Writer

Being the type of person who runs out of the room when anything remotely scary looking comes on TV, comedy has been the perfect world that I have been able to turn to.

My ideal show is the kind that really makes you laugh. I mean the kind of laugh that comes from a joke that is so perfectly thought out and cleverly crafted that funny isn’t even the word to describe it, rather, brilliant would be more suitable.

Despite my appreciation of all comedy, “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” just doesn’t have this kind of side-splitting, but also thought provoking, humor I look for.

Now, Jimmy Fallon is undoubtedly very talented, given that his impeccable impersonations landed him a spot on “Saturday Night Live” back in 1998 (one of my all time favorite shows), and since then has only risen to even more fame.

I do like Fallon, but I think SNL is where his talent belongs. On SNL, Fallon could really shine by playing a variety of ridiculous characters. But as host on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” and recently, the extremely prestigious “The Tonight Show,”  his humor seems too juvenile and goofy, very out of place.

His jokes and segments, though while fun and lighthearted, are just a little too fun and lighthearted for me.

Watching Fallon play celebrity flip cup, pictionary and catchphrase with Julianne Moore and Bradley Cooper was definitely entertaining at first, but eventually, these games start to make the talk show feel more like a game show.

While Fallon’s energy may be contagious at first, like any any game you play too much, or in this case watch, the less amusing the game becomes.

Despite this, I think my generation prefers this humor. The ability to go to Hulu or Youtube and watch a quick clip of your favorite celebrities going head to head at pictionary is definitely  appealing to Millennials, as we always seem to be scrolling through our phones, eager to catch up on whatever’s gone viral that day.

This was NBC’s goal. Bringing the fresh faced Fallon to “The Tonight Show” has shifted the target audience to include not just baby boomers, but their kids as well.

Though a surge of young viewers have fallen in love with Fallen’s endless enthusiasm, I can’t say I’m one of them.