Give me my computer or give me death!

Give me my computer or give me death!

Over my high school career, twenty-pound backpacks, WPS All-Aboard, and an avoidance of the C.O.W.S have been an integral part of my life as a personal laptop-toting student.

Ever since that fateful day when my retina display flashed blue, then black, then blue again, I have been laptop-less and more disoriented than a freshman wandering in the language wing looking for his geometry class.  My computer and I share an everlasting bond, and our separation over these past few days has been a painful experience that has rendered me dazed and confused.

With the new “Bring Your Own Device” policy under consideration for the 2015-2016 school year, students will no longer flock to the ITL Zone in the library, and will instead be able to surf the web and complete other technology-oriented tasks in the much more comfortable Chat Zone. After my recent scarring experience sans-laptop, I couldn’t be in favor of this initiative any more.

Without my beloved MacBook Pro, I’m unable to pretend to take notes in class, and any notes that I actually write down with a pencil in my hand on a piece of paper are painfully illegible. As our school moves further into a new digital age, personal devices need to be embraced and utilized to their full capabilities.

Enough with the in-class hand-written essays, enough with the chalkboards, and enough with the physical copies of ten-pound physics textbooks.

Luckily for me, an oh so sweet reunification with my computer should come in the near future, and I will soon be free to my tried and tested formula of C.O.W.-less work periods, repeated attempts to connect to wifi, and twenty-pound backpacks.