Did my invite get lost in the mail?

Did my invite get lost in the mail?

Jenna McNicholas, Staff Writer

While a majority of senior girls spent the eve before the first day of school painting phrases such as “Can’t Touch Th15” and “K15s My Class” onto their cars, ironing their senior girl shirts and test-blowing their whistles, boys across town were doing something entirely different.

These groups of boys sat behind closed doors with a strong wifi connection and an ample supply of Doritos and Red Bull, staring intently at their laptop screens while speaking didactically with appropriate jargon about a controversial and popular topic: Fantasy Football.

Now, let’s take a look at my use of pronouns- it was solely the “boys” that were lounging around and participating in the fantasy draft, not the “girls”.

But why does fantasy football have to be a boy activity?

It’s not that girls aren’t allowed to be in fantasy football leagues… It’s just that I never got an invitation (maybe it got lost in the mail), and I’m not one to pull a Regina George and show up at Cady’s house when I’m clearly not invited.

I may be a girl, but that certainly doesn’t mean I’m not down for a good bag of Doritos and some NFL player banter (if that’s what you call it).

I’ll admit, I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to strength of schedule or knowing if a receiver is good only because his quarterback is, but I’m a tiger, and if there’s a competition going on between boys in our school, I see no reason why I shouldn’t be a part of it.

I encourage girls to attempt to join the bandwagon and use their knowledge, even if it is limited, and break through the gender stereotypes that we believe to be in place when it comes to this competitive league.  I mean, who knows? Maybe I could have a hidden talent when it comes to choosing a player who will earn the most “points.”

I know it’s too late to join now, but I expect an invitation sitting on my doorstep next year.