The last time

The last time

As a senior, I feel like this year has gone by way too quickly and has basically slipped through my fingers. For the class of 2014, we have climbed so many mountains and at the same time, have had a tremendous amount of fun. We have come so far and I know that we will all be extremely successful in our lives with whatever we choose to do.

There is no doubt that throughout my four years at Staples, I have not only grown as a person, but have had so many great relationships with my classmates and teachers. I will miss this school so much.

That is why everything I did this week that was part of my usual school routine felt extra special. So here are some things that I did for the very last time at Staples.

1. Extra help with Mr. Kissinger

I have been going to math extra help every single morning before school for two years straight and I loved every minute of it. Mr. Kissinger is such an awesome teacher and you can’t help but appreciate his great sense of humor, even while he is teaching math.

2. Presenting the “Happy Tip” on Good Morning Staples

Unfortunately, the happy tip has come to a close and it was my last time on camera for GMS. Being apart of the media department helped me come out of my little shell and with the help of Mr. Honeycutt and Mr. Zito, I will be able to bring my knowledge to Fairfield University where I will be studying communications and journalism.

3. Seeing Mr. Dodig standing in the lobby and outside the cafeteria

There should definitely be a blue ribbon award for principals, especially for ones who go the extra mile like Mr. Dodig. He has made Staples the great environment that it is and has made this school my home away from home.

4. Driving to Staples in the beautiful sunrise at 6:45

Although most students would like to sleep in more, knowing that my school day was always going to be good made up for waking up early.

5. Playing for the Staples girls’ varsity  tennis team

Believe it or not, this is my last time playing on the tennis team. This season has been a blast and I am going to miss my teammates and coaches tremendously.

6. Writing an article for Inklings

This will be the last article I write before internships. Inklings feels like such a family and I am glad that I was apart of it. It has certainly inspired me to be a better writer and more importantly, be a better journalist. Thanks Mrs. McNamee and Mrs. Marsick!