Is Lab Lunch Detrimental?

After a packed morning of academic classes, the last thing you want to do is go to lab lunch, especially if a lab isn’t being done anyway.

“Sciences need time to do labs. But if a lab isn’t being done, then I don’t understand why they still require lab lunch,” Faye Osgood’14 said.

So could it be that lab lunch can actually be detrimental?

For one thing, it’s very unhealthy, considering the fact that students are rushing to eat their lunch, which can easily cause anxiety and stress.

When students are in the cafeteria, it takes at least a good seven minutes or more to get out of the train-like lunch line.

Then, it takes  them a minute or two to find a table.

Now there are only five minutes left and as they try to eat, somebody comes over to chitter chatter.

At this point, lunch is over and you can’t even take a bit out of your sandwich.

“I definitely think students should have more time for lunch. Lunch is a time to take a break and not have to worry about all the stuff that stresses us out during the day. Cutting that down puts more stress to have to rush,” Anna Violette’14 said.

Also, since science is the only class that receives this “special attention,” Staples students feel that it should be all or nothing.

“Having lab lunch is unfair, since the idea of the Staples schedule is to give all classes equal classroom time and 10 to 15 extra minutes does not make a difference. Every class deserves the same priority,”  Justin Schwebel’16 said.

According to my poll, it turns out that the most important subject is math. Science is second to last in the running by 16.13% out of the 184 people that voted.

With this in mind, should lab lunch be gone for good?

“I don’t think they should necessarily get rid of lab lunch,but maybe just have it less often, like once or twice a month,” Madison Malin’17 said.