Should Red and Whites be more traditional?

First of all, I love dances, so just thinking about Red and Whites is exciting. Even though it is in January, I already asked who I wanted to go with and thankfully, he said yes.

However, there is one little dilemma that keeps coming to mind.

Although Red and Whites and Counties are known as the “Sadie Hawkins” dances, there is something not right, especially because of the idea that the girls asks the boys.

It’s certainly  not wrong for the girls to ask because they can essentially ask the boy they desire to go with. At the same time, it almost  makes the girl look desperate.

Generally, for the students who are “going out” or dating, the boy tends to be the one who steps up to the plate and does the asking.

Since I live with my grandparents, I have obtained similar values and morals as them and because of that, I am more than aware of the “old fashioned” days.

Every time I ask my Grandma questions about dating and such during dinner, she always reminds me that my Grandpa called , not texted, her everyday for a full year.

The funny part is she still wouldn’t go on a date with him until my great grandmother finally convinced her.

But the point is, the young lady likes it when a gentlemen does something nice for her.

Clearly, times have changed and I am not saying that change isn’t good. It’s great that women have stepped up their roles over the years and have continued to do so.

But overall, there are certain duties that differentiate men and women, so I personally believe that it is the gentleman’s duty to have enough chutzpah to ask the young lady to a dance or date.