Singles Awareness Day

Zach Speed, Staff Writer

Candy grams, PDA, and stupid Walmart cards; these are the things that a certain day consists of. It’s the day that some how everybody else has come to love. Maybe I’m alone in my hatred for it. Or maybe I have hatred for it because I’m alone. What is this day?

Valentine’s Day.

However, I think another name would probably be more suitable to that day. How about Single Awareness Day? Because that is all that Valentine’s Day really is.

It is a day that is meant to remind every single person just how lonely he or she actually is. I don’t understand how, but I always manage to find a way to be single during Valentine’s Day.

Of course everybody else has to be in a loving relationship. Why wouldn’t they be? And I’m sure I am not the only one who noticed the excessive love gloating that also occurs.

Seriously, not all of the candy grams are necessary people.

Just to prove I’m not selfish, I’m not complaining just for me. No. I speak for people in relationships too. They have it just as bad if not worse than single people.

Couples are forced to compete non-stop with each other. Buying extremely unnecessary gifts, displaying an obnoxious amount of affection, and just not being their normal selves.

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but not every relationship is like the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day. The movie sucked anyways.

Even people who enjoy this holiday such as Ian Teran’13 say, “I dislike how people get really wrapped up in it and act like it’s a big deal.” Well let me clue those people in.

It isn’t a big deal. It isn’t even a real holiday.

Drew Berman’12 pointed out that it is completely made up. It is just a corporate holiday that makes people spend money. While I admire the attempts to resurrect the economy, there has to be a better way.

ABC 2 News reported that the average person spends approximately $126 on Valentine’s Day. Let me put that in perspective for you. With $126 you can get two $50 lap dances. Thank you math class.

But, I suppose getting a single kiss from your “sweetheart” is also a good use of $126. Note the sarcasm.

Guess that is one of the perks of being single. When Valentine’s Day comes around for me I won’t be spending a dime. Karma, sucks doesn’t it?

I understand that I am being a little harsh on this occasion. It isn’t my fault though; it’s just too easy. The Valentine’s Day Massacre is easier to like than Valentine’s Day.

But, maybe I am being a little too pessimistic. There is something that Valentine’s Day does have one thing going for it.

No, it’s not the celebration of love. It’s something much better than that. The redemption of Valentine’s Day as Alexis Teixera’13 pointed out is simply, “you get to eat chocolate.”

All right, I’m in.