My Coffee Addiction

Hours of homework, clubs, and sports consume many Staples students’ lives. When is there time for sleep? Personally my schedule often does not permit even five hours of sleep, let alone the suggested “healthy” amount of seven to nine. But honestly who has time to go to bed at nine? I sure don’t.

So how do I survive?


I drink at least two cups per day. One cup stopped having an affect on me during my freshman year. After drinking two cups of coffee per day everyday since my sophomore year, I have grown accustomed to the acquired taste.   At this point, coffee’s sole purpose is not just keeping me awake. I also enjoy drinking it.

My coffee flavor preference is hazelnut or vanilla. If I am lucky enough to go to Starbucks, I get a venti vanilla latte. But I will drink any kind of coffee that exists as long as I get in my two cups.

In the mornings I get to school at 7 and wait for the cafeteria to open so I can get my precious cup of coffee. Then in between classes I sprint down to the cafeteria again to get my second cup. When I don’t get it, or if you see me in the hallways before the cafeteria opens, steer clear.

There was a time last winter when I got a really bad cold. Everyday I drank cups and cups of tea instead of my coffee; the only problem was that the only flavor of tea I like is caffeine free. I went through a caffeine withdrawal. The first two days I felt sluggish and fell asleep in math class. The when my cold finally went away, two weeks later, I started back up with my coffee. Now I had a very strong reaction to the caffeine after denying myself from having it for so long.

I have not always been a coffee addict, however my entire family drinks coffee so my addiction was somewhat inevitable. My grandparents drink on average 12 cups per day, so I figure my two cups are not very much.

My gene pool has proven itself very strong. And my addiction is evident. But there are side affects to every addiction. Since my habit began people warned that coffee stunted your growth. To which I reply I am very happy at 5’ 5”. There are other health risks involved as well, such as the jumpy shaky feeling I get when I have three coffees in one day, or a venti coffee from Starbucks.

I may be addicted to coffee, but personally I do not see it as a problem. It is my lifeline and without it I can be unbearable, to say the least!

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