Alex & Grace’s Top Ten of 2010- What We Will Miss Most About Staples High School

Alex Nitkin and Grace Shay
Class of 2010

1 – Fire drills, lockdowns and evacuations:

Call them safety preparations or rude interruptions, but to us, they were wel-come breaks from tedious classes. Who doesn’t love having time outside, even if it is freezing cold? Most of all, we’ll miss those 45-minute walks around Bedford Middle School.

2- CAPT week:

Freshman year, we dreaded it. Sophomore year, we put up with it. But by the time ju-nior and senior year rolled around, CAPT became a glorious bonus. We don’t know what we’ll miss more: getting the chance to sleep in, or knowing that others of us didn’t.

3- Homecoming:

It was always a fun, mostly-harmless tradition. But after last year, it will just never be the same. Sorry, juniors.

4- Patty McQuone:

She’s like our second mother. When we enter the working world someday and walk into our jobs 25 minutes late with cups of coffee in our hands, we’ll always feel a little depressed when we realize Patty isn’t there.

5- Good Morning Staples:

Some-times ridiculous, sometimes funny, sometimes heartfelt, this show not only took up a mere 15 minutes of class, but it gave us a few memorable gems over the course of our four years. Most notable were College Jess, Robo’s word of the day, and of course, the ninja guidance counselor.

6- Wake-up calls from Elliott Landon:

On the snowiest and coldest of winter mornings, we always loved to wake up extra early to hear the calming sound of Dr. Landon’s sultry voice. In college, we’ll always miss being greeted with that friendly “good morning.” The sequence of those messages, with their mistimed pauses and excruciating suspense, will ring through our ears for the rest of our lives.

7- Chartwells lunches:

We may have complained about them all the time, but even now, we feel in-complete when Friday comes and we’re deprived of our favorite rubbery chicken fries. Not only will we miss the food itself, but we’ll never forget the friendly cafeteria workers who assembled our Paninis and bacon-and-egg sandwiches every day.

8- Camraderie in the Library:

Thanks to the vigilant librarians that have spent the past four years teaching us about media and technology, we’ll always look over our shoulders when playing flash games on public computers.

9- Mr. Dodig’s morning addresses:

Oh, those rare mornings when Mr. Dodig would interrupt Good Morning Staples for a long-winded discus-sion broadcast from the desk in his office. Every time we saw that wide desk with ab-stract purple paintings behind it, we knew we were in for an important lesson.

10- The teachers:

We thank them for putting up with our constant tardiness and fabricated exc for trying to teach us atime, we will never forget you.