Farrel’s Top Ten Arena Tips

Farrel's Top Ten Arena Tips

Farrel Levenson ’11
Features Editor

Prioritize. If you really want Teacher A, and your life depends on it, you better first go to the booth for Teacher A. And go back. And again. And Again. Maybe the planets will align and a spot will open up.

2. Girls- cry. This isn’t 100 percent effective, but with the right teachers, it can really soften them up.

3. At least initially, be nice. It’s going to be pretty hard to appeal to a teacher if you are screaming at them about how much getting Teacher A influences your success in high school, college, and life. Stay rational, take deep breaths, and smile.

4. See your favorite teacher working a certain booth? Better get to her before the one-that-always-glares-at-you takes her shift.

5. Do singletons last. They can’t take them away from you, so please don’t waste your time making sure you have Drawing Period 1 if there’s no way you can take Drawing Period 2 3 4 5 6 7 or 8.

6. Time for world language? Try speaking in your language of choice. This one isn’t tested and true, but it can only help, not hurt.

7. Be aggressive in line. Don’t you dare lose your spot. The wrong student in front of you could make a huge difference. In fact, you should be cutting (just kidding- I’d hate you if you were that girl).

8. Get there 15 minutes early. Have any accountabilities? You need enough time to get home and back before your time starts, otherwise, you are seriously at a disadvantage.

9. If you want a Teacher Amazing Period 1, have an open spot Period 2, and Teacher NotGreat teaches period 2, use your head, and while waiting/negotiating/arguing/crying, try not to mention that you have an open spot Period 2. Then you’re a goner.

10. If Arena is a complete and utter fail, your schedule is a mess, and all you want to do is leave, just stop. Tell the teachers at the check-out area you want a computerized schedule, take a chance, and be done with Arena. Put your hands up, be done with it, and enjoy your summer!