Crunch Time


Graphic by Emily Kowal '12

Graphic by Emily Kowal '12

Every student is counting down the number of days, minutes, and seconds until school finally ends. However, instead of counting the time remaining, teachers think about how many additional lessons they can fit in before school lets out.

Just as I think I am coming down the home stretch and can already feel the summer breeze, I am slapped in the face by a hurricane of homework assignments and projects which will be assigned up until the final bell rings releasing us from school.

Not only does the learning never come to a halt, but also the pace quickens. It is frustrating as a student, just when you are getting used to the pace of each class to have it suddenly speed up to one hundred miles per hour.

On average I would learn one chapter in a few weeks, two are crammed into one week. As the end of June nears students like to relax and slow down in school, but instead we are forced to stay up all night finishing that last minute project that was assigned yesterday.

The fact of the matter is that it’s really stressful during the last two weeks of school and cramming in multiple new topics isn’t helpful in relieving that stress.

I just keep telling myself that summer is a week away. However, I’m lying because summer is five finals, two tests, and three projects away.

First, students have finals to worry about. No big deal, only 20 percent of your entire grade. And if that wasn’t stressful enough, students are also planning out there schedules while trying to fix and solve any conflicts. The number of possible schedules a student creates and the time it takes to form them is longer then one would think. With arena right around the corner, students need to perfect their perfectly crafted schedules to ensure no scheduling dilemmas.

On top of that, there are fourth quarter grades, which are calculated tediously by teachers.

While finals, fourth quarter grades, and designing your schedule cannot be completely avoided there are definitely some solutions to relieving the stress they create. If all of these tasks were spaced out over a longer period of time students would feel less stress to quickly get everything done and they would be able to put their time and effort into each.

The week before school ends is so jam packed with studying and work I don’t know if I will even have time to eat let alone get a full night’s sleep.

In this final week of school I am trying my best to stay positive and handle everything on my plate, but the truth is, part of me already feels like it’s summer.