Why Did the Trees Cross the Road?

Graphic by Leah Bitsky '12

Graphic by Leah Bitsky '12

Leah Bitsky ’12
Staff Writer

I never knew how much a little wind could affect me until I was sitting with my family, freezing and wrapped in a Snuggie, playing Candyland, surrounded by flashlights and candles.

Graphic by Leah Bitsky '12

The power outage was terrible.

I was expecting the lights to go out, considering the trees were doing crazy tribal dances outside my window, but I wasn’t expecting it to last three nights— and I was lucky. Some people had to wait even longer for their power to return.

The days were bearable because I could go outside and be active, but the nights were when it really stunk.

It was freezing in my house. Every night I wrapped myself in giant quilts over my sweatshirt, and I would have had tea, but of course my microwave wasn’t working.

My parents thought that board games would be fun.

They were wrong.

It’s weird because I remember Candyland, being really fun, but playing it that night, I realized choosing a card with a colored square on it, and moving a marker cap (we lost the game pieces) across a board with more colored squares on it is actually more boring than it sounds…and it sounds pretty boring.

 Dinner was interesting.

My sister and I thought we had a brilliant idea by sticking skewers in our frozen food.

Let’s just say that macaroni popsicles are not as wonderful as they seem.

But, it is true that every cloud has a silver lining. With the freezer not working, the ice cream melted perfectly! Just to my liking.

On the second day of the black out, my family realized that one of our giant trees had fallen down onto my neighbor’s yard.

If it had fallen the other way it would have crushed my parent’s bedroom. Sorry mom, you still don’t have an excuse to get that new closet you’ve been hoping for.

The other huge inconvenience from the power outage was not being able to use my computer.

I don’t know how people ever lived in the Stone Age….or the 80s…same thing.

Without a computer I couldn’t check my Facebook or my email, and so I was forced to actually do my English homework. Bummer.

However, with not much to do, I did catch up on a lot of sleep. Naps were probably the best way to pass the time.

I would start my naps at around 3:00 and wake up just in time for dinner.

It was also a good excuse for a good meal out, no offense to my dad’s creative cooking.

And of course for all those going green, the blackout definitely saved a lot of power. Who knows, maybe we just preserved the world for a little longer.

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure about a trillion trees fell down, so environmentalists probably wouldn’t want another storm like this.

Despite the dangerous wires, falling lethal trees, the freezing cold nights, and absolutely nothing to do, school was canceled for three days resulting in a five day weekend, so I’m pretty sure it was worth it.