Top This closes after 8 year run


By Poppy Livingstone ’21

Top This, downtown Westport’s first frozen yogurt shop, will close on Sept. 23 due to an expiring lease. The store opened in 2010 and was an instant hit for its self-serve frozen yogurt.

This closure has saddened many Staples students.

“I used to go there with my friends whenever I went shopping and it always had such a nice environment and staff,” Amanda Kline ’21 said,.“It’s upsetting because Top This has been a part of downtown Westport for years, and I grew up going there.”

Scarlett Sladek ’22 shares this nostalgia with Kline.

“The first time I ever went was after a concert in elementary school,” Sladek said. “My friends and I all went together to celebrate the night,” she continued. “I think that’s a pretty common experience for Staples students, and it’s one I’m going to miss a lot.”

News of Top This’ closure has spread almost entirely through word of mouth. The store has not publicly advertised its closure on any social media or at its storefront. It is unknown what will replace Top This once it has closed.


Photo by Poppy Livingstone ’21