Key Club sponsors annual blood drive


By Layla Wofsy ’19

The Staples Key Club will be sponsoring their annual Red Cross blood drive on Wednesday Mar. 28, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm in the gym. Anyone who is at least 17 years old and meets the national height and weight requirements is eligible to take part and donate blood.

According to the Red Cross website, “Almost 20 percent of the millions of donations made each year come from high school and college blood drives.”

The Staples Key Club is a volunteer club that participates in various community service events in the community. Their most important event is the annual Red Cross blood drive.

“There is a shortage of 6,000 blood units this year due to weather and sickness associated with it,” Nicole Caiati ’20, one of the vice presidents of the Key Club said.

According to Key Club President Angela Zhai ’18, there are currently 50 people signed up to donate, however, she hopes to have 57 students register to fill up every slot possible.

“I think it is especially important for people to donate this year because due to the recent weather, so many schools have canceled their blood drives and local hospitals are experiencing a shortage of blood,” Zhai said.  

Last year the Key Club got around 45 people to participate and surpassed their goal of 32 units of blood.

Sophie Attkiss ’19 does not meet the requirements for donating, however she said, “If I was 17 I think I would participate because it is a great cause and I would love to help someone who needs blood.”

If you are participating it is recommended that you eat and drink well before donating, and you must bring your donor card and photo identification to the drive.  

A few days before the drive the Key Club will be sending out a mass email to everyone who signed up to provide them with details and the opportunity to check the appointment time that they are signed up for.

When you donate blood a nurse will take your finger prick to test your blood in order to find out your blood type and test for possible iron deficiency. The nurse will then draw your blood, and then you will be able to rest, eat and drink water in order to get your energy back up.

If you are interested in participating you must contact a member of the Key Club.