Neo-Nazi fliers found in Westport driveways

Neo-Nazi fliers found in Westport driveways

By Isabella Didio ’18

Last weekend, neo-Nazi fliers were found in the driveways of residents in the Long Lots area of Westport.

The flyer, titled “You Must Act Now,”  features a picture of a Nazi-commissioned sculpture from 1937 along with a message that begins with “our nation is being destroyed.” The bottom of the fliers contained several website addresses that lead to websites devoted to white supremacy.

Westport Police, along with the Anti-Defamation League, are investigating the incident and trying to identify the source of the fliers. Police Chief Foti Koskinas has said that they are “working diligently to determine who is responsible.”

First Selectman Jim Marpe described the fliers as “disturbing” in a public statement made last week.

I am concerned and angry that once again statements like this have found their way to Westport homes,” Marpe said. “As I said two years ago, this kind of ethnic ugliness has no place anywhere, and certainly not in Westport.”

An anonymous Staples student ’20 said that his mother found one of the described fliers in his driveway.

“The flier scared my whole family. I didn’t even realize stuff like this still existed in our community,” the source said.

This is not the first time that white supremacist flyers have been found in Westport. In 2015, fliers were distributed around Westport with the hashtag #whitelivesmatter. The source of those fliers was never identified.