Arby’s to transform into Starbucks drive-through

Starbucks at 925 Post Road East is being relocated down the street to 1000 Post Road East, which was previously occupied by an Arby’s drive-through until this past July.


Many Staples’ students have mixed emotions about the relocation and the addition of a drive-through.


“I’m super excited about getting a drive-through Starbucks because I’ll be able to get coffee quicker, maybe letting me get coffee before school,” Lilly Howes ’17 said.


Other students, like Julianna Raho ’19 have slightly different thoughts on the topic.


“I don’t like how Starbucks is moving, especially because it’s becoming a drive-through,” Raho said. “It currently has a quaint coffeehouse vibe and I think the whole dynamic will change with the drive-through and the new location.”


According to a Starbucks employee, the Starbucks will be relocated in late October.


With the addition of a drive-through, and a relocation down the street, Starbucks employees anticipate it will encourage more people to buy from the coffee shop.


“I have a coffee addiction and it’s basically in the same location, so I will definitely go every day,” Howes said.


“I probably will end up going to the new one just as much as the old one, because the people are staying the same. The people who work there are so kind, it makes the whole experience of getting a coffee even better,” Raho said.


Emma Rojas ’18 a longtime Dunkin’ Donuts customer will not change her coffee choice just for a drive-through, but believes it will be helpful for students.
“I prefer Dunkin’ Donuts and I think it’s stupid that I could get a large size for the same price as a tall size, (small coffee size at Starbucks),” Rojas said. “It will be very beneficial to school kids in the morning who need their caffeine fix.”