Saugatuck Sweets brings Waffle Cabin to Westport

Taylor Harrington, Breaking News Managing Editor

Two weeks ago, Saugatuck Sweets did the unthinkable; it brought the warm, sugary treat skiers used to only be able to grasp with their mittens at the bottom of a slope to only a couple of miles from Staples. Al DiGuido, owner of this well-loved local shop, is proud to introduce the Saugatuck Waffle.

According to DiGuido, the idea originated from a conversation he had with a good friend and skier Christopher Ayoub.

“[Ayoub] mentioned that he thought he had a great idea of a product we could sell during the winter month […] Waffle Cabin waffles. We thought it was a super idea,” DiGuido said.

Ordering “pearl sugar” directly from the company Waffle Cabin, which sells waffles on many popular ski mountains, DiGuido wants to achieve that same sweetness Westporters know and love.

To go the extra mile, though, Saugatuck Sweets has upped Waffle Cabin’s choices in toppings by including a helping of whipped cream and strawberries or a scoop of customers’ favorite ice cream on their menu. The shop is also offering the traditional Waffle Cabin options: plain and drizzled with hot fudge.

Staples students agree that bringing this little bit of heaven to Westport will be successful.

Frequent Vermont skier Bailey Rizza ’17 said she thinks the Saugatuck Waffle will be a hit in the Westport community, especially for customers who aren’t able to munch on waffles every weekend in Vermont like she can.

Acknowledging the struggle some ice cream shops may face in the colder months, Danielle Johnson ’16 added that this addition will set Saugatuck Sweets apart from other ice cream parlors and draw in customers this winter.

The Saugatuck Waffle will be triggering sweet tooths throughout the winter season.