Students sport ASF logowear

A student throws on her comfy ASF track fleece after a meet.

Logan Murphy '15

A student throws on her comfy ASF track fleece after a meet.

Gabrielle Feinsmith, Associate Managing Editor

Many Staples students acquire their logo wear from Athletic Shoe Factory, a family owned store in Westport that has been open since 1986. In July of 2005, the store moved to a larger location. One year later, ASF Outdoors was introduced and offered custom logo wear. Students have been taking advantage of this amenity ever since.

According to Shawn Lacosta, the production manager of ASF logo wear, ASF mainly makes uniforms for the younger kids and logo wear for the high school. However, Lacosta does notice Bedford Middle School students make up a strong percentage of ASF clients. “They will come and buy Staples logo wear because they look up to the older kids,” Lacosta said.

According to many students, the convenience of ASF is what they love most. “I like how accessible logo wear is for Staples,” Kenny Brill ’17 said. “It’s very convenient how you can go to the ASF website and buy it from there.”

Staples Superfans report they are disappointed more students aren’t endorsing in Staples apparel.

Varsity baseball player and superfan Ben Casparius ’17 shared his observations. “I’ve noticed a small number of fans wear logo wear, but I definitely think they should because ASF is so close and a great resource.”

According to Lacosta, the field hockey and boys’ soccer team are their biggest clients. “They’re the same kids we watched grow up and become high school students. We really make sure soccer and field hockey are always taken care of,” Lacosta said.

Meg Fay ’15, a member of the Staples varsity field hockey team, confirms all of their logo wear is bought from ASF.

Although soccer and field hockey are consistent clients throughout the year, Lacosta reports their biggest deals are situational.

For instance, when Westport fielded its Little League World Series team ASF was overwhemingly busy. “It was only Westport travel baseball stuff. All day would consist of printing t-shirts for them. We even ended up making fan jerseys after awhile,” Lacosta said.

ASF has been the go-to spot for team apparel since the store opened nine years ago. At this rate, students predict this Staples trend won’t be changing anytime soon.