Fashion: In Brief


Julia Greenspan, Staff Writer

Dark Nail Polish:

Students like Liv Smith ’16 love the fall because it is the perfect transition from summer brights to winter blues and grays. “My favorite is Baubbing for Baubles by Essie because it’s a mix between navy and gray, and matches with every outfit,” Smith said. Some other popular colors are deep reds, navies, blacks and light grays.

Chunky Sweaters:

Every fall, chunky sweaters seem to be in style. This is because of their comfort without compromising stylish appeal. “Chunky sweaters are like bringing your blanket to school,” Katherine Coogan ’17 said. “They’re perfect for cold days in the fall.” These sweaters go with anything from leggings to jeans, and make you feel super cozy in class.

Stylish Sportswear:

Whether it’s for a sports team or for comfort, students love their sportswear. However, this fall, Joe Blaikie ’17 predicts that sport and style will come together in an everyday outfit. “I think one of the top trends for fall has to be sportswear such as wearing Nike sneakers and varsity jackets with stylish outfits,” Blaikie said. This trend, most importantly, will be, comfortable for class.


Boots are always a fall must-have, but this season booties will be making their debut in the hallways. Booties are essentially boots except they are shorter than mid-calf or knee-high. Some are southern looking while others are on the grungier side. Annabelle Lyme ’16 thinks they’re perfect for every occasion. “You can wear them with leggings and jeans, and the looks can range from classy to casual,” Lyme said.


Flannels are huge in both men’s wear and women’s wear this season. This shirt is the perfect fall staple for everything from pumpkin-picking to walking the halls. “Flannels shouldn’t just be for Flannel Fridays,” Sarah Duvall ’15 said. “They make any outfit instantly more exciting.” Students will sport plaid prints this fall wrapped around their waists or with sweaters and t-shirts.