The Staples ‘Genius Bar’ is up and, kind of, running

The Staples ‘Genius Bar’ is up and, kind of, running

Claire Dinshaw, Staff Writer

The student-run tech help desk in the library, which some have dubbed the Staples ‘genius bar,’ has now been running in the Library for about two weeks.

“Use of the desk is low right now because there are not many people that know about it,” head librarian, Colin Neenan, said.

Some students seem confused about the desk’s exact purpose. Kelsey McGinley ’18 said that she had no idea Staples even had a tech-help desk.

Natalie Chun ’17, a Staples ‘genius’, joked that only one person had come up to the desk during her shift to ask her where the graphic novels were.

However, Jonathan Alter, ’17, reports he sees three to six people during his shift, most of which come with wifi problems.

Alter does understand that there are some concerns that go along with allowing fellow students to handle complex technology.

“What I try to do is help those with an issue by conveying to them how to correct it,” Alter said.

“Anytime anyone comes and asks us questions [regarding technology] we send them over [to the desk] because we are sure they know more than we do,” Karen Harmon, one of the Staples librarians, said.

All applicants are required to fill out a lengthy application which includes skill-based questions.  Farther down they are also asked to define ‘digital citizen’ and ‘customer service’.

After acceptance, they are given a sheet describing procedures, supplied by Rob Rogers, a social studies teacher in charge of the ITL desk.

Working at the desk also earns them school credit and a pass/ fail grade. Chun did mention that as part of her grade she is required to complete a few small assignments.