Nelson enjoys a quiet day of cars

Nelson enjoys a quiet day of cars

Julia Greenspan, Staff Writer

Staples’ own traffic director, Nelson, thoroughly enjoyed what little congestion he had to deal with in the parking lots of school on this sunny Monday morning. The lack of student attendance helped Nelson to direct the buses and cars through the lanes with ease.

He said, “We’re lucky it’s a beautiful day.”

He then stopped to let a student leave campus with the help of a small white pass, granting her the freedom from the vacant school and the ability to start her vacation.

He sighed and then mentioned how cars have been leaving all day. With a shrug he said, “At least we don’t have an extra day at the end of the year.”

And with that, another car pulled up, gave that pass that is oh so coveted by all students and pulled away onto North Avenue, his Spring Break finally beginning.