Whole Foods embraces new Living Lean program

Whole Foods embraces new Living Lean program

The Whole Foods of Westport has always been a haven for health nuts, but it added even more to the community on Monday, Mar. 4 with a seminar lead by former Staples student and Living Lean founder, Rob Nevins ‘81.

Living Lean is a four month plan designed to get clients in their ideal size, or attain their goal body fat percentage, rather than just reach a number on the scale. It first started in Wallingford and recently arrived in Westport. The organization also has three other locations with about one to two counselors per office.

The medical assistant, Trisha Ludwig, who attended the seminar with Nevins, added, “Just because you make good choices, doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight.”

The program’s principles are simple and straightforward. They apply to almost all clients because nearly all bodies will carry out certain functions the same way.

Each meal plan tries to lower the amount of sugar(also carbohydrates) while maintaining muscle. This leaves fat as the only source of energy left, therefore beginning a process of decreasing the amount of fat the body carries.

Echoing this simplicity, Nevins said repeatedly “This is basic textbook physiology.”

In fact, much of Nevins’ interest in the industry started with textbooks, right at Staples. Nevins said he originally enjoyed English most, fostering his enjoyment of working with people, but “was always interested in fitness and nutrition.”