Child development course teaches how to save lives

Child development course teaches how to save lives

Deanna Hartog, Sports Editor

In a medical emergency, citizens around the scene are given the chance to save a life. Through the child development class offered at Staples High School, students are trained to prepare for this event by learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

“It’s a big responsibility to know you have the power to potentially save someone’s life,” Charlotte Steinberg ’16 said.

During the midterm period, the class was visited by volunteers from local Westport Emergency Medical Services (WEMS). They were taught all required training, and actually walked out of the room being certified.

“It was fun!” Steinberg said, describing the experience. “I was expecting a very serious class but it was actually really interesting and hands-on.”

Despite providing a good time for everyone, it was still informative and taught the facts.

“I still felt like we learned everything we needed to. It didn’t feel like an altered course just because we were in the classroom,” Morgan Whelan ’16 said.

Many students enrolled in the course have an interest in child care and have noted that being CPR certified will benefit them both now and later in life.

“Parents really like it when their babysitters for their kids are certified, as well as summer camp directors who are hiring counselors,” Steinberg said.

However, it is not entirely about getting hired. Simply knowing that they have the ability to keep someone alive in an emergency puts many at ease.

“In situations where someone needs CPR and you’re the only one around, you can save a life,” Ivy Prince ’17 said.

Teacher Linda McClary hopes for a fun and “constructive” final for the entire course during the exam period, and believes she has achieved that.

“I can’t think of anything better than teaching young people how to save lives!”