From big stress to best-dressed

Bella Gollomp, Staff Writer

Attending a school dance can be an exciting experience for a teenage girl. Something that she has pictured in her mind since she was little and envisioned as her “fairytale” moment as seen in the movies.

The typical girl dresses up, meets her dream date, dances the night away, something about an evil step mother, the clock strikes 12 … clear enough?

In fact, though, the supposed magical night can also be bit nerve-wracking with all of the details and preparation of that big day.

For teenage girls, typically the entire day is devoted to preparing for their special night; some get fake-tans, schedule hair appointments, followed by makeup, nails, dress, shoes and pre-pictures.

But what happens when all that madness is interrupted by a four hour exam that could potentially make or break their options for college?

On Saturday, Jan. 25, the SAT exam as well as the County Assembly Charity Ball are taking place, and junior girls have formed their own opinions about the connected events.

Emma Caplan ’15 expresses her concern for the exam. “It makes me stressed out thinking that I will have two big things happen in one day,” she said,  “During my test, I’m probably going to be sidetracked, thinking about having time to get my hair and makeup done; I just know I won’t be as focused as I should be.”

Similar to Caplan, Abby Lustig ’15 said she was frustrated when she found out that both events were being held on the same day, “That Saturday is going to be jam-packed, and I typically don’t function well under stress,” she said, “Aside from the physical preparations like getting my nails and hair done, I’ll probably just be telling myself to breathe and accomplish one thing at a time because that’s the only way I’ll get through it.”

Although so many are anxious about the chaotic day ahead, Sarah Sawyer ’15 is making sure she is well-prepared ahead of time, “I’ll be sure to have everything I need weeks in advance,” she said.

“That way I will be able to focus on the SAT and then continue on with my day of preparation for the dance. Plus, I can just think of Counties as being a way to celebrate that I’ve completed the test.”

It’s unfortunate that for many, the 25th will in fact be a hectic day, but that shouldn’t take away from their dream-like nights. With a positive attitude, they will conquer the lengthy exam, dance to their heart’s content and have a night to remember. And live happily ever after.