Sophomore class lifts fundraising to new heights

Usually the hallways are filled with the noise of students shuffling from class to class, conversations buzzing all around. Lately, however, students are finding the once boring hallway time to be quite a different experience. Music, chosen and paid for by students and faculty alike, blasts through the speakers throughout the school. From “Waka Waka” by Shakira to “What Does the Fox Say,” a variety of songs give the students something to dance to in their 40 minutes of hallway time throughout the day.

There have been noticeable efforts, specifically by the ‘16 class, to fundraise money by their class committee. The committee consists of 12 sophomore students with Nikki Pendolphi as the advisor. Ideas for fundraising are supplied by sophomore students in the class and the committee. “We all work as a team to come up with ideas to raise money,” a member of the committee Samantha Sheppard ’16, said, “We try our best to come up with new ideas to have organized and fun activities to do as a class.”

The aim of this fundraising is to have money to spend on events such as class trips and prom. “I think it will benefit us in the future, it will make our senior year so much better,” Alyssa Perry ’16 said.

Most of the school has shown positive enthusiasm towards the fundraising. “I think that the sophomore fundraising is great,” Zac Polin ’14 said, “even though some people may not like the music playing in the hallway, the sophomore class will have tons of money for their proms.”

The unique ideas of the sophomore class seem to stand out compared to previous grade’s efforts. “I’ve never seen any other grade do anything like us,” Cassie Cohen ’16 said.

However, some believe that the sophomores are going overboard. “I think other grades judge us badly based on the passing time music because it can be annoying, but it is a creative idea to raise money for our class,” Emma Tangle ’16 said. Aside from sophomores, other grades are baffled as to why we are trying to put ourselves ahead.

Some sophomores think that the committee members should try classic fundraising ideas. “The ideas are a bit outlandish, and they should stick to the basic principles of fundraising,” Julia Schorr said

But whatever the committee are doing, it seems to be working because they have raised over $750 for their class.