Get Rallied Up: Pep Rally Emcees


Liana Sonenclar

Emcees Peter Elkind ’14 and Elizabeth Coogan ’14 pump up the crowd.

Bella Gollomp, Staff Writer

Each year, when the weather starts to change, and the school’s spirit is at its peak, there is one major event that students at Staples High School rely on to get them pumped up for the big homecoming game.

Two words: Pep Rally.

The minute their teachers dismiss them from class, chaos takes over the halls.

Pushing and shoving, running to the field house, climbing up the bleachers to get good seats, faces painted blue and white, even last minute rehearsals for a sports team’s presentation-students assume their positions.

What’s interesting about pep rally is that two seniors, one of each gender are chosen by their classmates to emcee the event.

This years elected emcee’s are Peter Elkind and Elizabeth Coogan, who are hoping to make this year’s pep rally unique.

One of the many, Valerie Fitton, ‘14, who voted for the pair, is certain that they will go above and beyond everyone’s expectations, “These two are quite the selection; both are so full of school spirit, when you talk to either of them, they have such energy and excitement that will be perfect for pep rally.”

“It feels so amazing that I was chosen by my peers to represent our school; it’s a great start to my senior year,” said Coogan.

Coogan and Elkind have worked really hard to put together a script that is aimed to bring the “standard” corny, punny jokes that students have experienced in past years, but better.

“We’ll definitely be coming to the pep rally with as much spirit and excitement as we can to pump up the crowd for the events to follow,” said Elkind.