It Makes the Day: The Mini Maker Faire

Eliza Llewellyn, Web Managing Editor

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As robots roll, hula hoops spin, racecars launch and 3-D printers whir back and forth, assembling layers of plastic, visitors to Westport’s second Mini Maker Faire experience innovation in motion. The one-day, family-friendly event was held at the Westport Public Library on April 27 to promote technology and experimentation.

“It’s for resourceful, creative people who like to tinker,” said Mark Mathias, co-chair of the event.

The “makers” there ranged from student robotics teams to comic art designers to individual inventors and innovators. Throughout the day, they gave performances and presentations. Many booths were interactive, letting visitors assemble Legos, interact with animals or model for 3-D portraits. Some booths displayed do-it-yourself projects, encouraging experimentation and creativity. “Whether you’re young or old, boy or girl, man or woman, you can make things,” Mathias said. “Everyone is a maker.”

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