Administrators Respond to School Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Staples High School has added extra security measures today in light of this morning’s tragic school shootings in Newtown, according to several school administrators.

“No one is getting buzzed in [to the school], and we’re in constant contact with the Westport Police Department,” said Assistant Principal Karyn Morgan. “All the doors are locked.”

A Westport Police car was parked at the front entrance of the school as an added precaution. Theres nothing specific to Westport Public Schools. Everything is secure,” said Officer Peter Biajiotti. “But we just want to make sure everything’s really secure.”

Other news organizations are saying that at 9:41 today, reports came in that at least one individual and maybe more opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. Students at all town schools are reportedly still locked down as one shooter may be at large. News organizations say that 27 people are dead with 18 being children.

Superintendent Elliott Landon sent a message to all Westport Public School teachers this afternoon stating all Westport schools are currently locked and extra security measures are in place.

Landon went on to add all after school activities will be moved indoors, and school administrators are working closely with the Westport Police Department.

According to Morgan, a veteran crisis team has been in place for quite some time and is well-prepared in case of a crisis. The school has a great relationship with the local fire and police departments, she added.

At 1:40 p.m. Staples Principal John Dodig made a school-wide announcement stating that school psychologists and social workers were on hand to meet with any students seeking guidance following the incident, and that Staples is currently reaching out to Newtown offering resources.

“In the event of something like this, we would go into lockdown until the police came,” said Dodig.

Dodig went on to add that in the event of an evacuation Staples students would be escorted to Bedford Middle School, where they would be accounted for by their homeroom teachers.

Dodig stressed that an event like this should raise awareness for Staples students and lead them to take caution. Doors should not be left open, and strangers should not be let into the building.