Senior Emcee Choice Sparks Controversy

This past week, Staples seniors were asked to log onto their Blackboard pages and cast their vote for the highly coveted position of Pep Rally Emcee. The seniors voted for one male and one female athlete who are a current captain of a fall sport.

However, it didn’t take long for a rumor to spread that would leave the seniors up in arms.

Members of the senior class alleged that this years emcees were chosen not based on who won the popular vote, as has been the case in years past, but on the male and female captain with the highest GPA’s.

However, as senior class advisor Heather Morley states, “There were no such conspiracies surrounding the decision to name the emcees…the numbers speak for themselves.”

While this may be the case, the issue was not settled for some seniors like Shelby Phares ’13 who had heard an alternate rumor in which a single member from the senior class voted 400 times.

With regards to voter fraud and the legitimacy of the numbers, Morley continues, “I looked at the spreadsheet – totaled the votes – removed the votes that were from voter fraud (multiple submissions of the same two names over and over from the same user) and then submitted the names. No discussion was had.”

Although Atheletic Director Marty Lisevick has no part in the selection of the emcees he did say that he was confronted about the process by a fall captain; however once he explained the process of selecting the emcees, she was appeased.

In the end, seniors Robert Deluca and Anita Vohra will take the field Thursday afternoon as the emcees for the pep rally, and as Morley says, “I hope that the senior class will rally around the two student athletes picked by their peers to emcee the pep rally…the point of this entire event is to demonstrate school unity, Wrecker-pride and support for each other on and off the field.”