Counties Date Change Elicits Mixed Reactions


Due to a scheduling conflict involving the venue for Counties, the dance has been rescheduled to Jan. 12. However, this earlier date falls within the week of midterms.

Kelsey Shockey, Video Editor

According to the County Assemblies Board of Directors, Counties will take place on Jan. 12 instead of Jan. 19.

Some juniors thought that the Counties date change resulted from a Wilton High School A.P field trip to Washington D.C. However, there is a different reason for the switch.

“Even though we do have a field trip, that is not the reason for the change,” said Melanie Gedney ‘14, a student from Wilton High School. “It is really because there was a scheduling conflict with the venue for where Counties was going to be held.”

However, the bigger dilemma is that Counties is now scheduled on a weekend within midterms. Despite the overlap, some students welcome the change.

“ I will definitely be preparing early for midterms, but it is not healthy to study all the time. You have to take a break and get your mind off of work,” Kristin Dionne ‘14 said.

Emily Korn ’14 found the new date more convenient. “Since the 19th is during a long weekend, families wanted to go away for a little bit,” she said.

However, there are also those who are concerned.

“ People should study. Counties will be very distracting and we are probably going to lose our focus,” Veronica DeFelice ‘14 said.

The manicure and hair-styling appointments preceding Counties will take up time that could be used for last minute cramming.

“I might not go anymore. It depends on my schedule because there will be so much stress,” Roscoe Brown ’14 said.

Nevertheless, many junior girls have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and a scheduling change will not affect their plans.

“I already got my dress, and I am really excited that this is going to be my first dance,” Terena Koteka-Wiki ‘14 said.

Clearly, juniors are still going to the dance, problems or no problems.