LF’s “Share the Love” Contest Craze

Screams of joy echoed throughout the town as girls on Facebook scrolled through their newsfeeds and discovered popular clothing store, LF’s latest post: “MAJOR NEWS!!!!! WE ARE HAVING A CONTEST!!!!”

On May 1, LF began to post photos of an ad advocating their Share The Love Contest on their Facebook page. The contest was a lottery with a grand prize of $250 to spend at LF, and ten runner-up prizes of $100 LF gift certificates.

“It’s super exciting because everything in the store is so ridiculously expensive but also unbelievably addictive,” said Shelby Phares ‘13. “In one stop I can spend from $500 to $2000.”

Entering was simple. Contestants just had to visit LF Stores’ Facebook fan page and hit the share button to post the ad onto their Facebook walls.

“This lottery is such a big deal. It gives everyone a chance to win and a lot of people really want to be included in it,” said Annie Raifaisen ’14, an LF lover.

The contest also allowed the store to increase its publicity and compel fans to “share the love” of LF. With a mere click, participants were able to easily qualify for the contest while simultaneously spreading the word about LF’s latest trends.

“It’s definitely good publicity,” said LF employee, Nicole Roach. “It gets everyone on the same page and having fun.”

Kendall Rochlin ’15, another LF fan, agreed. “It’s a great way for them to gain more customers and give people a chance to shop there that normally can’t,” said Rochlin.

Winners were announced on May 7 on LF’s Facebook wall. The grand prize went to Ashley Amato, and the runner-ups included Francesca Paretta, Andie Shukow, Isadora Malago, Tiarra Watson, Tammy Rosecrans, Nicole Dellana, Cali Liporace, Anna Bernstein, Christina Marie Roberti, and Sienna Skelly.