Field Hockey Seniors Take Part in National Signing Day

Most athletes spend days dreaming of playing a college sport; for almost four years they eat, sleep, and breathe the sport in the hope of attracting colleges to them.

For three Staples field hockey players the day finally came.

At a press conference held on Feb. 1, otherwise known as National Signing Day, seniors Callie Hiner, Emily Ashken, and Misha Strage all signed letters of intent to play field hockey at their respective schools: Georgetown University, The University of Michigan, and Colby University.

“This is the first time solely field hockey is represented on National Signing Day at Staples…It speaks volumes about how far our girls programs have come.” States Staples athletic director Marty Lisevick.

In addition to the speech given by Lisevick, the intimate ceremony held in the Staples cafeteria also consisted of speeches from varsity field hockey coach Cecily Anderson, Principle John Dodig, and the three players.

“You guys have created an image here that field hockey is just hardcore.” States varsity field hockey coach Cecily Anderson, “you’re warrior princesses….this moment here is dedicated to being a fearless female.”

After listening to their earned praises the three athletes stepped up the podium and gave their take on playing at the collegiate level next year.

“It’ll be a humbling experience” states future Georgetown player Callie Hiner, “I’m looking forward to playing with and learning from players who are better than me” fellow field hockey player Emily Ashken agreed with Hiner saying “I’m very excited”

After the speeches were said and done, the athletes signed their letters formally pledging their intent to play field hockey at their respective universities next year.

Each player couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces as they were officially

congratulated by friends and family whom seemed to be just as excited as the players were about the event.

Principal John Dodig expressed his admiration of athletes at Staples stating, “At other schools athletes can be rude and obnoxious…here athletes are role models, Staples High School is what it is because of kids like you”

Even though the athlete’s next step is now planned out even Ashken admits “I don’t think I have any idea what’s in store for me”