Car Club: Life in the Fast Lane

Car Club: Life in the Fast Lane

Staples' Car Club, working with the Classic Car Gallery of Westport, procured this vintage Ferrari | Photo by Rachel Guetta '13

It’s not everyday that a 1987 Ferrari pulls up to the front of the school.

 But on May 26, the Classic Car Gallery of Westport brought this Italian car to Staples’ Car Club.

 “We like to get the nicer ones,” said Steven Landau, of the Classic Car Gallery.

 The showing of this particular two-seater, which featured a 3.2-liter, eight-cylinder engine, was a surprise to the Car Club—all they knew was that the gallery would bring a car, they had no idea what it would be.

 Both the element of surprise and the authenticity of the vehicle made for a fun afternoon—the Ferrari still had its original interior and original painting. 

Now selling for $42,000 at the Classic Car Gallery, the car was sold by its Connecticut owner with 53,000 miles on it. After a simple belt service and clean-up, this car is back on the market– 24 years later.