Students Left To Wait After Early Dismissal Announcement

Students Left To Wait After Early Dismissal Announcement

Photo by Alexandra O'Kane '13

Thirty minutes after Friday’s early dismissal due to projected snowfall, at least 100 students were still waiting for their busses. While the dismissal was scheduled to happen at 11:40 a.m., by 12:20 p.m., at least 30 students were still waiting for the arrival of a bus.

When the early dismissal bell rang at 11:40, students gathered in the lobby to escape the cold while waiting for their ride home. However, most students seemed flustered that they had to wait so long and they placed the blame on what they felt was the school district’s late decision to dismiss.

“Elliot Landon needs to make the decisions earlier. This might as well not have been a half day because I am waiting here so long for my bus,” Meghan Donovan ’12 said.

When contacted, Alan Miller, the Dattco branch manager explained that the company received notice of an early dismissal about an hour later than usual.

The superintendent’s office said that there was nothing unusual about this dismissal. “As far as I know, this was not a late call. The early dismissal calls are usually made around this time,” Jennifer Robson, Landon’s assistant, said.

Some students did not mind the late buses because they did not have anywhere to go and safety was a concern. “I would rather the buses be late instead of rushing because it is dangerous out there. I am fine chilling in here,” Ryan Moran ’13 said.