Superfans sell "Wrecker Wrags"

Superfans sell "Wrecker Wrags"

Aaron Hendel ’14
Staff Writer

They have helped win Super Bowls, World Series, Stanley Cups, and National Championships. At Kyle Field, home to the Aggies of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, they are referred to as “The 12th Man.”

They aren’t even on the field, but they can make all the difference. The crowd at any sporting event is extremely important, and this year, a group of five of seniors and one freshman created something that they think will bring the craziest, loudest, most intense fan base Staples, or anyone else in the FCIAC has ever seen.

Jake Felman ’10, Andrew Felman ’14, Luke Yeager ’10, Dylan Meissner ’10, and Brian Wolgast ’10 came up with the idea and design for Staples rally towels, otherwise known as “Wrecker Wrags.”

“We wanted to do something different than the usual t-shirts in the crowd,” the elder Felman said.

Football players agree that having an excited crowd plays an important role in their performance. “When the crowd gets loud, it’s inspirational, and it wills us to play better, while messing up the other team’s offense,” quarterback Chester Pajolek ’10 said.

When asked how the towels would benefit the intensity of the crowd, Pajolek added that it should, “peak excitement.”

The towels provide a win-win situation. They fire up the Wreckers, and hurt their opponents. “We want that intimidation factor,” the younger Felman brother said, “and [the towels] will be something that you notice right away,” he continued.

Not only do the Superfans think the towel will be extremely successful at home games, but they believe they should also help propel fans to cheer for the Wreckers on the road.

“We definitely think the towels will be a factor at away games,” Yeager said.

The towels should play a huge role in the quest for not only FCIAC championships, but the state championships as well.

Additionally, the proceeds from the Wrecker Wrags will go to breast cancer research, so even if sports aren’t in your arsenal of interests, you can still help.

Yeager expects that the towels will be used in basketball and other sports and be “equally successful.”

The chance to be further involved in the Staples community and to become a bigger part of this united team is a great experience. Although the towels are no longer being sold during lunch waves in the cafeteria, students can contact Jake Felman, Andrew Felman, Yeager, or Meissner to purchase a Wrecker Wrag.