Think Pink: Pinkberry Opens in Fairfield

Think Pink: Pinkberry Opens in Fairfield

Becca Bobrow ’11 and Rachel Guetta ’13
Features Editor and Opinions Editor
Servers, or "swirlers," at Pinkberry prepare frozen yogurts for customers | Photo by Becca Bobrow '11

“Welcome to Pinkberry.”

This was the chorus that greeted selected middle and high school students during the private preview of the Fairfield Pinkberry, which opens to the public on Oct. 14 at 6 p.m.

This particular frozen yogurt store, located in downtown Fairfield across from Borders Books, marks the passing of 100 international store locations for the Pinkberry company and is the first to open in Connecticut.

Pinkberry was first introduced in Hollywood and has a large celebrity following, which has contributed to its popularity. However, according to Bevin Gove, a publicist for the company, the commonly recognized name is not the only way Pinkberry attracts customers.

“The flavor profile and experience at Pinkberry is different,” Gove said.

The store offers six flavors including original tart, chocolate, mango, pomegranate, coconut and a rotating seasonal flavor. Also offered is a variety of toppings ranging from freshly cut fruit and toasted almonds, to dry cereal and yogurt chips, to brownie bites and gummy bears.

Gove believes that the refreshing flavors that Pinkberry offers as well as its central location will both contribute to the success of the store.

Over the past 10 years, the landscape in downtown Fairfield has changed in terms of cuisine; many new restaurants and eateries have opened.

“Fairfield has become more of a food town,” Gove said. “I think it is the perfect time to introduce a store like this. The buzz at Pinkberry is different than any other ice cream or frozen yogurt place I’ve ever encountered.”

The buzz has excited many community members. According to Gove, the large turn out expected at the opening night will not slow down anytime soon, because “once people come, they are hooked.”

Fairfield middle school student Sarah Rexford, who was present at the preview, enjoyed her chocolatey treat.

“I got chocolate with milk chocolate crunch and brownie bites—I love chocolate!”

The reactions of other students were similar, as the store was crowded with smiling customers.

Many Staples students also plan to attend Pinkberry.

“I’m definitely going to go. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it from friends who have Pinkberry in their hometowns,” Charlotte Breig ’12 said.

For more information regarding Pinkberry, including nutritional facts, please visit

And as they say on “The Hills,” “Eat your Pinkberry and enjoy life.”

For full disclosure, Sarah Rexford is the daughter of Inklings Advisor Stephen Rexford.